Battery Experts Reveal Top 4 Ways To Ruin Your Phone Battery

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Why is it that your smartphone dies mid-afternoon, just when you're about to take a coffee break and and reach out to friends to coordinate dinner plans? Suddenly you feel a bit more isolated without your trusted phone, and you wish you had remembered to bring your charger. Battery experts believe you're charging your phone wrong, and that by understanding when and how to charge your phone, you can extend your phone's battery life, and save headaches along the way. 

Unplug When It's Fully Charged

Battery experts say you should pay attention when your phone gets to 100 percent charge, as keeping your phone plugged in when it's at capacity could stress the ion battery. When your phone is at 100 percent, it receives 'trickle charges' that keep the battery at 100 percent, which wears down the chemistry of the battery by keeping it in a high-tension state.

To remedy this battery stress situation, unplug your phone when it's fully charged. It'll keep your battery relaxed and lasting longer.

Charge It Below 100 Percent

Now, this one is a little counter-intuitive, but stick with us. Battery experts advise to not charge your phone to the full 100 percent. As noted before, charging the battery when it's already at 100 percent induces a stressed out battery, so charging it when it's below 100 percent is ideal. So, when you don't have to keep your phone fully charged, opt for charging it in small increments throughout the day. Your battery will thank you in the long run!

Cool It Down

Any extra heat can further stress your battery out, so be sure to keep it as cool as possible. Added phone covers can protect your phone from damage, but it can add extra heat that will wear down your battery. Apple suggests removing any extra cases, as well as keeping your phone out of the sun.

Top Off Your Charge During The Day

The best-case situation for charging your phone would be to charge it when it loses 10 percent of its charge. To attain this, bring along your charger and charge your phone in little bursts when you can. Battery experts say charging your phone for a long period of time (like most of us do at night) can be detrimental to the battery's long-term health, so plugging it in at different points in the day get you not only a better functioning battery, but the ability to use more battery-sucking features, like location-based tracking apps.

More Battery, More Phone

The better your phone battery's health, the more you can get out of your phone. Remember to take your charger with you for interval charging during the day, and keep your phone out of direct sunlight to make your phone's battery last longer. Keep these tricks in mind for extending the life of your smartphone's battery, and maintain it for a better-functioning phone.

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